Pokemon: Shadow of the Sun


Date Posted: August 29th, 2019, 12:13 pm

Author Notes


Wait sneasel (I'm pretty sure the dorito is a sneasel) really that small or is Raichu just that big?
@NikuComics: Dorito lol
but yeah, she's basically a newborn infant...so she's going to be quite small, lol
@Lampette: I forgot how to write Burito lol. xD
@NikuComics: sneasel burritos sound pretty good though lol. would probably taste a bit cold
@Lampette: Nooo don't eat the lill burito! D: (x'D)
looks awesome.
@comercole: thanks, might continue with this watercolor style
@Lampette: your welcome.
Dats all I must say
Is this child abuse?
Each page so far has me turning for more, giving me more questions just as quick as it answers them. Your hook is looking excellent, and I'm excited to see more of this comic!
i love this very much so far i think i'll follow it!
There's not much to say. Cause there ain't much at all. But what there is is great, keep it up!